“We Are Our Sister’s Keeper Inc.
we are nonprofit organization founded in 2016 with the goal to provide support for women and children in the local community. 

We came together to recognize, support and honor those who had an impact on someone live.

Our goals are assist women, children and families in life changing with self-awareness, self-esteem, self-directedness, and self-improvement as they are encouraged and supported to move towards the fulfillment of their life.

Our mission is to help women overcome the many hardships and misfortunes that they face in this society.

We are working to form relationships with community based programs so that women and families in our neighborhoods. It is our obligation to reach, teach and touch lives. We owe it to ourselves, and each other.

We Are Our Sister's Keeper Members
knows what it like to live in pain. (all type of abuse, failed career, domestic violence, childhood trauma, etc.). Our goal is to help transform people pain into something possibility.
We encourage women in their journey to continue walking one step at a time.

This is our motto.
​"Believe in Yourself and You will be Unstoppable"

2018 Book Scholarship Winners